#89 Permission to ship OpenERP with bundled "faces-project"
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== Proposal Topic ==
Temporarily allow openerp-server to bundle the "faces-project" python library

== Overview ==

About 1 year ago, OpenERP had chosen to use "faces-project" as a resource calculation library in its human resource module. It has also modified the library.
Faces-project has been an inactive (in the original, sourceforge page) project since 2008. One fork existed in repo.or.cz , at least and 2 attempts to fork it in Launchpad. It is unclear who uses the library; if others depend on it.
After talking with the original author, access to sourceforge project was granted, ''the project was resurrected'' and the 2 other branches (openerp's and one of repo.or.cz) were published back into sourceforge. However, the work of merging the code of them is still pending. Also, tracking the users of the lib and letting them test a merged version is a challenge.

== Problem Space ==

  • OpenERP-server had modified and used this foreign project, as a bundled library
  • Faces-project was not packaged, not actively maintained (to openerp's knowledge)
  • Faces-project is a key component to a common-used openerp module
  • openerp has pushed the changes back to the original project site
  • changes need reviewing and merging with "main" code, also heavy testing. Thus an upstream merge will take some time.

== Links ==

OpenERP package discussion: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=693425
Faces-Project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/faces-project/

We need more information to be able to make a decision here. Please answer all of the questions found here, with as much detail as possible:


Could we get an update here? It has been over three months since the our request for additional information.

The underlying review request is closed (WONTFIX). However, I plan to make a new attempt to package openerp. I could either close this ticket and open a new, or "take over" and submit the missing info. What to do?

After looking more into this, I have decided an exception isn't needed - the diffs could be handled by one or two patches. I propose that this issue is closed.

Metadata Update from @tibbs:
- Issue assigned to spot

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