#88 Permission to ship OpenERP with bundled SpiffGtkWidgets
Closed: Invalid None Opened 12 years ago by xrg.

== Proposal topic ==
Allow OpenERP-client (Gtk) to be bundled with SpiffGtkWidgets, pending upstream release

== Overview ==
The Gtk client of OpenERP had used SpiffGtkWidgets, in order to display a calendar. Had made some
custom changes/enhancements to them, tracked in its own LP repository.

The changes are now submitted and accepted upstream:

== Problem Space ==

  • SpiffGtkWidgets, official, had issues blocking its usage in OpenERP
  • Fixes are merged upstream, pending tests and public scrutiny
  • OpenERP-client is not yet tested against upstream merged code

== Solution ==

Pending more tests from other projects + release of upstream, OpenERP should be granted a ''temporary'' permission to bundle the library.

== Links ==

OpenERP client package discussion: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=693425

This request is denied. Based on the information provided, we advise you to create a separate SpiffGtkWidgets package which is based on the upstream code tree that has the necessary OpenERP patches applied to it. This should not impact Fedora, because there does not appear to be a SpiffGtkWidgets package at this point in time.

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