#877 looking for sponsorship for packit service
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Hi, we have a "bot" account [0] for packit service [1].

The packit service is meant to open pull requests in dist-git with the latest upstream release. The current plan is NOT to push to dist-git directly.

In order to push to a fork (and open a PR), the FAS account needs to be in a packager group. Would anyone be willing to sponsor us?

We take full responsibility for anything that happens using the packit identity.

[0] https://src.fedoraproject.org/user/packit
[1] https://packit.dev/

  1. @packaging-committee doesn't sponsor packagers. Sponsors do: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_get_sponsored_into_the_packager_group https://pagure.io/packager-sponsors/
  2. You got FESCo approval for an identity that can open pull requests and upload to lookaside cache. Have you asked releng and/or infra (not sure) for privileges to do exactly that?

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10 months ago

Pingou suggested to open a fedora-infra or fpc for this: I thought I'd bother fpc this time. Okay, will try infra then. Thank you.

FPC doesn't have the authority to do this.

sponsors can sponsor: https://pagure.io/packager-sponsors/
infra (or releng) can give special privileges

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