#874 Enable CI for PR
Opened a year ago by vondruch. Modified 10 months ago

It would be nice to have CI processing PRs in this repo. This could provide a preview of submitted guidelines updates.


I think @asamalik was working on something like this for docs... But I don't know what is the state.

Note that you can easily get a reasonable in-browser preview using the asciidoctor browser extension as described in this project's README file. It's certainly not exactly what you would see if something was actually running antora but it's still quite useful.

I think most to all of the committee would be happy if this happened, but none of the committee are likely to implement it.

I am not working on it at this time. I don't know where we are with test sites in Openshift. My understanding is that no one has committed to do it yet. Local builds are working well, but I can see where the patches here get wider review and a proper test build would be useful.

I'm not working on this at the moment, and unfortunately can't commit to it in the near future. But I think it would be very useful and I'm able to provide guidance if someone wants to do that.

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