#865 Recommend using trailing slash for directories in %files
Opened 3 years ago by churchyard. Modified 3 years ago

When listing a directory in %files it works both with and without a trailing slash:




Both works the same (include the directory and everything in it), if %{python3_sitelib}/foo is a directory. The only notable differences are:

  • it is obvious to the reader that it is a directory
  • if it accidentally becomes a file, the build fails

Given the benefit of this, I think we should recommend using the slash and we should make sure all our examples do so.

count me +1 on this, I hit this with egg-infos many times.

+1 - just hit this with egg-info as well

Absolutely, makes sense. So +1 from me as well.

+1. I always try to do this. But... where would it go? Would you like me to work up a PR?

Metadata Update from @churchyard:
- Issue assigned to churchyard

3 years ago

I will think about it and submit something next week.

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