#841 Change or remove "Want to help" footer
Closed: nothingtodo 2 years ago by tibbs. Opened 2 years ago by tibbs.

The docs site seems to have grown a footer on every page:

Want to help? Learn how to contribute to Fedora Docs.

While I don't technically object to a footer, I do think it should be more on-topic to the packaging guidelines. Something like:

Want to report a problem or submit new guidelines? File a ticket.

But the footer doesn't seem to be under our control, or at least the source for it doesn't appear in our git repository. I'm sure there's some magic macro which can override the default setting but I have no idea how to figure out what it might be.

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2 years ago

So I don't think there's really anything FPC can do here. I've filed fedora-docs/fedora-docs-ui#6. (Let's see if that issue link works.)

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2 years ago

(Let's see if that issue link works.)

Works here but not in the e-mail I got about this.

Yes, it appears to turn "repo#issuenumber" or just "#issuenumber" into a link on the web site, but not in the email it sends. Unfortunate but I guess that's life.

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