#840 Broken links in JavaScript guidelines
Closed: fixed 8 months ago by tibbs. Opened 9 months ago by mizdebsk.

JavaScript Packaging Guidelines has broken hyperlinks, such as:

  • Packaging:Guidelines#Duplication_of_system_libraries[duplication of system libraries]
  • Node.js Packaging:Node.js[have their own guidelines]

This whole page is a mess. I've converted it to use semantic linebreaks and I'll see about fixing what's obvious, but I'm bound to miss something.

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9 months ago

I pushed a number of fixes in commit 2fd632c which should help with some of this. I've no idea how long the main docs page will take to be regenerated. If you find that I've missed something, please point it out and I'll take care of it.

However… that page still needs work. One important thing is that it talks a lot about bundling and the way bundling worked in the days before FESCo forced the policy to be relaxed. It includes its own special exception to the old policy, including a special Provides: and a macro for generating them.

I'm tempted to just remove all mention of bundling from the page and let the existing bundling policy dominate, perhaps leaving only a note that bundling in javascript is extremely common and linking to the main policy.

We decided a couple of weeks ago that the last sentence above is what we should do, and I've gone ahead and done that.

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8 months ago

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