#830 Update Python manual byte compilation rules
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Tagging with meeting so we can vote about this on next meeting.

If I'm absent, count me as +1 obviously.

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This seems correct, but is the line "NOTE: You can opt-in for this behavior on Fedora 29 by setting +%global _python_bytecompile_extra 0+ in the spec." correct? It seems that should read "Fedora 30 or newer". Or maybe I'm just confused about what the current state is.

Fun tip: install the Asciidoctor browser extension from https://github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor-browser-extension and when you click on the raw view in pagure you will get formatted output. It won't exactly match the final result after Antora renders it, but it's a quick way to look.

Fedora 30 and newer has the new behavior (_python_bytecompile_extra is set to 0 by default). Fedora 29 has the ability to opt in for the new behavior (_python_bytecompile_extra is set to 1 by default, but you can set it to 0 in spec). Everything older has just the old behavior (the _python_bytecompile_extra variable does not exist and the behavior is hardcoded).

Of course one can technically also opt in for the old behavior by setting _python_bytecompile_extra to 1 explicitly, but i didn't want to put that into the guidelines.

You're right, of course; this issue is just so confusing because we didn't just flip the switch back in the beginning. At least it's getting done now.


We talked about this at this weeks meeting: https://meetbot-raw.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2018-11-29/fpc.2018-11-29-17.00.txt

  • #830 Update Python manual byte compilation rules (geppetto, 17:12:37)
  • ACTION: Update Python manual byte compilation rules (+1:6, 0:0,
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I merged this in the meeting.

Announcement text:

The python packaging guidelines have been updated to indicate the changed default in Fedora 30 for %_python_bytecompile_extra (to 0). This setting controls whether python files outside of the regular locations for python modules are subject to automatic byte compilation.

(can't announce currently as the updated docs aren't actually live)

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