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Proposal to change Java Packaging Guidelines' MUST for runtime requirement from javapackages-tools to javapackages-filesystem.

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The benefit is that this change would result in less heavyweight dependencies in Java packages. javapackages-tools drags in a JDK as one of its runtime requirements which is currently hard-coded to java-1.8.0-openjdk-headless.

It's not entirely clear why this requirement for javapackages-tools as runtime dependency was added. There seems to have been a change from Requires: jpackage-utils => Requires: javapackages-tools since javapackages-tools virtually provided jpackage-utils. Yet, that information doesn't tell us why jpackage-utils or javapackages-tools is a MUST requirement for Java packages. This comment from a past FPC ticket seems to suggest it was due to directory ownership of shared Java files such as:


For reason of directory ownership, javapackages-filesystem package has been introduced. That package is more lightweight and does not have a JDK dependency.

In light of multiple JDKs in Fedora (JDK 11 + JDK 8) it seems appropriate to change the guidelines to not transitively drag in two JDKs when the Java package itself is perfectly fine to run with JDK N, where N > 8.


IMHO this should be a system-wide change approved by FESCo.

Does it in fact change things?

Updating guidelines does not change anything in packaging by itself. But assuming auto-requires were changed to follow the guidelines, about 4215 packages that auto-require javapackages-tools would be affected. Many of them would not work correctly without javapackages-tools installed. Therefore, due to nature of this change affecting many packages across distribution I think this should be a system-wide change. I posted more details to java-devel list thread referenced above.

I have no particular problems with the change but of course the part of the process outside of the guidelines is far more complicated. As part of a system-wide change, this ticket would need to be filed in any case. FPC would need to approve it in any case.

I'll +1 this now on general principles.

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I went ahead and wrote this up but of course changes to existing packages to follow this change are beyond the scope of what FPC can do.

Announcement text:

A small change was made to the Java packaging guidelines to specify a dependency on javapackages-filesystem instead of javapackages-tools.

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