#77 %defattr is no longer needed in Fedora
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It appears that %defattr is only needed on EL-4 at this point. More recent rpms (rpm-4.4.x) add a default %defattr line if none is present in the rpm %files section. So we can remove the need for %defattr to be present in the Guidelines.

scop tested the attached spec file with the following results:
Fedora 14 (rpm 4.8.1): /root/foo owned by root:root
CentOS 5.5 (rpm /root/foo owned by root:root
CentOS 4.9 (rpm 4.3.3): /root/foo owned by $nonroot:$nonroot

The two main places to change are:



http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Review_Guidelines ::

MUST: Permissions on files must be set properly. Executables should be set with executable permissions, for example. Every %files section must include a %defattr(...) line. [15]

However, there's numerous other places where %defattr is specified that we can cleanup. Google search that shows those locations:


Sample spec to show %defattr is now optional

I'm definitely +1 to getting rid of stuff we don't need.

Note also that rpmlint will need an update to not emit the files-attr-not-set complaint (at least with the fedora and el5 configs). Should be pretty trivial.

Since I won't be here next week, I'll +1 this right now as well.

Approved (+1:8, 0:0, -1:0)

Announcement text:

In the past (pre rpm 4.4), it was necessary to have a %defattr section at the beginning of each %files section, but this is now the default and no longer necessary to explicitly include.

The guidelines have been updated in numerous places to remove references to hard-coded %defattr sections.


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