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Current Fedora packaging guidelines does not specify, which version of Fedora or even EPEL they targets. I would like to see explicitly stated, that they targets only Fedora. Keeping guidelines compatible with all versions of Fedora and even EPEL prevents usage of new technologies and ultimately hinders innovation.

However, the EPEL guidelines [1] could be mentioned somewhere. But not sure where. May be some admon cold help ...

Please note this is followup to #742

Might as well make it explicit and obvious. I propose to add the following section as the first, immediately below the table of contents:


In general, these guidelines apply to the currently released, non-end-of-life versions of Fedora, as well as the development version of Fedora (Rawhide). If a particular portion of these guidelines is relevant only to a subset of those releases, this will be specifically noted. However, please note that Rawhide can change rapidly, and there will be times when changes are visible there which are not yet reflected here.

The guidelines also to some degree cover packages for EPEL, but only when combined with the EPEL packaging guidelines from [EPEL:Packaging]. Fedora packaging changes far more rapidly than EPEL packaging, so over time these guidelines will drift further away from any particular EPEL release and for the older supported EPEL release the differences can be quite significant. Portions of these guidelines which do not apply to EPEL will not generally be indicated.

I love this, thank you.

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We discussed this at this weeks meeting (https://meetbot-raw.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-2/2018-01-24/fpc.2018-01-24-18.22.txt):

  • x744 Make packaging guidelines Fedora only (geppetto, 18:49:07)
  • +4 on the proposal, geppetto; limburgher; tibbs; mbooth (geppetto,

...and with orion's +1 that gives it +5.

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I did write this up last week. Announcement text:

A section was added to the beginning of the guidelines, clarifying how they apply to the various Fedora releases and to EPEL.

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