#733 'users and groups' guidelines need a link to the current list of preallocated users
Closed: rejected 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by zbyszek.

https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Packaging:UsersAndGroups&oldid=331685 had a symlink to the (now defunct) setup dist git file with a list of uids and gids. It needs to be updated and restored.

I do not agree that the guidelines should have a link to that information. We really shouldn't be linking to random files down in some git tree.

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3 years ago

We discussed this last week:


  • x733 'users and groups' should link to prealloc. list (geppetto,
  • ACTION: Link will stay removed, as it doesn't seem useful.
    (geppetto, 18:37:07)
  • If you have reasons for needing this information, feel free to open
    another ticket with a draft policy change. (geppetto, 18:37:34)

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3 years ago

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