#731 Testing guidelines
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Guideline page needing clarification:

Please link directly to the section in question, if possible.


Please merge both of the above linked sections into a more general section. Most of the content there applies also to other packages, independent from domain specifics like e.g. perl here.

Personally I don't believe the Perl guidelines need to include that information, and I also don't think it belongs in the packaging guidelines at all unless there is a separate decision that we need to have a standardized way to do this. I expect that such a thing would come down from RPM unless there's a real need for the FPC to decide on something.

If there is a need for FPC to standardize on a mechanism, someone should submit a draft for consideration.

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We discussed this at this weeks meeting (https://meetbot-raw.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-2/2018-01-24/fpc.2018-01-24-18.22.txt):

  • x731 (geppetto, 18:29:09)
  • ACTION: Everything seems fine as it is (geppetto, 18:32:22)
  • If you want to create a draft to propose a change feel free to open
    a ticket (however we are generally against listing every single
    testing framework) (geppetto, 18:32:50)

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