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Submitted by Jonathan Mercier, bioinfornatics@gmail.com

A few points:

  • You probably mean "must" rather than "should" in that draft.
  • Please provide definitions for the macros you're using. Also, if those macros come from a specific package, you'll want to also have BuildRequires: whateverprovidesthosemacros-devel
  • Please include a template spec for people to use as a base or example

I've cleaned up and simplified the draft a bit.

There is one minor issue. How does a normal D package actually use %{d_includedir} in practice? Is it passed to configure? Or are the files moved into the directory manually during %install. It would be nice to reflect that in the template spec.

Jonathan, at today's meeting, the issue of how %{d_optflags} are actually used came up. Do you have a package that actually follows these guidelines that we can look at?

you can use %{d_includedir} in build section with a makefile like[[BR]]

make INCLUDEDIR=%{d_includedir}

or in %install for move to %{d_includedir}[[BR]]

%{d_optflags} is used is tango for example[[BR]]

I've cleaned up the draft to resolve the remaining minor issues, this is ready for discussion at the next meeting.

This was approved at the 2010-10-13 meeting, 5 +1, no 0, no -1.

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