#652 Strictify "Tags and Sections" and "File Permissions" sections
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I would like to tighten up and reorganize the Tags and Sections section, as well as tighten up the File Permissions section.




If you'd like a diff of the Tags and Sections guideline without the reorganization so you can see just the functional changes, see https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=User%3ATibbs%2FTagsandSections&diff=475893&oldid=475892

Summary of changes:

For the File Permissions section, this just remarks that %defattr should not be used unless it's setting a non-default value, or resetting the default after a previous %defattr.

In the Tags and Sections section, this changes most uses of "is unnecessary" to "SHOULD NOT be used", changes existing "SHOULD NOT"s to "MUST NOT"s and reorders to make the thing shorter. It also capitalizes an existing "should not".

This leaves Group: alone, as I understand that removing it would be more controversial.

Having both of these would permit me to move forward with doing some of the automatic spec cleanup that I've been wanting to do, as well as getting some of this cruft out of the specfile templates which rpmdevtools includes (!). Most uses of these constructs exist because packagers copied existing specs, followed outdated tutorials or trusted what rpmdev-newspec gave them without knowing what it's supposed to do. Specs are bewildering enough without carrying around needless junk.

Looks straightforward enough to me...


We discussed this at this weeks meeting (http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-10-06/fpc.2016-10-06-16.00.txt):

  • 652 Strictify "Tags" and "File Permissions" sections (geppetto,

  • ACTION: Strictify "Tags and Sections" and "File Permissions"
    sections (+1:6, 0:0, -1:0) (geppetto, 16:40:07)

Written up. Announcement text:

The Tags and Sections section of the main guidelines was modified to use "SHOULD" and "MUST" language throughout, and to either discourage or prohibit the use of certain tags and sections. The section is short, so I've included it below.

The Copyright:, Packager:, Vendor: and PreReq: tags MUST NOT be used.
The BuildRoot: tag and %clean section SHOULD NOT be used.
The contents of the buildroot SHOULD NOT be removed in the first line of %install.
The Summary: tag value SHOULD NOT end in a period.
The Source: tags document where to find the upstream sources for the package. In most cases this SHOULD be a complete URL to the upstream tarball. For special cases, please see the SourceURL Guidelines.
The Group: tag is unnecessary.

The File Permissions section was cleaned up somewhat, to use slightly cleaner grammar, use "SHOULD" and "MUST" throughout and to remove redundant information. In addition, the following sentence was added:

The %defattr directive in the %files list SHOULD ONLY be used when setting a non-default value, or to reset to the default value after having set a non-default value.

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