#636 Various scriptlets no longer needed in F-24+
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These scriptlets for gsettings schemas and gio modules are no longer needed in F-24+, the file triggers in glib2 take care of them automatically. That should be noted in the guidelines.

Seems trivial, but I'll put it on the agenda to make sure.

Also, to clarify ... do you just want the examples/sentences referrring to them deleted ... or other text in their place?

If the FPC has a common way to phase out guidelines that are no longer needed, just follow that. If not, I suggest placing a prominent note to each of the affected sections that they are no longer needed nor should be used with F-2X. As long as they're needed in an active Fedora release (F-23 at this point) as well as EPEL, I don't think the texts should be completely removed.

We discussed this at this weeks meeting (http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-07-07/fpc.2016-07-07-16.00.txt):

  • 636 Various scriptlets no longer needed in F-24+ (geppetto,

  • ACTION: When policy moves from scriptlets to file triggers, mark that policy as no longer relevant after N release (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0)

All of these guidelines have received a note indicating that they are not required in F24 or later.

I'm thinking that I should go back through and change that to "SHOULD NOT be used in F24 or later", though. While technically it doesn't hurt anything because those scriptlets are idempotent, it wastes time on every package install. So... I've done that.

Once F23 goes EOL, I will go through and remove the sections entirely (someone can revive them for the EPEL guidelines if that's desired) and then we can do some grepping to find packages still using them.

Announcement text:
Due to the addition of RPM file triggers, the scriptlet guidelines have been amended to indicate that some scriptlets should not be used in F24+. Specifically: gsettings schemas, gdk-pixbuf loaders, gtk+ 3 modules, gio modules and mimeinfo.

Thanks. However the title of the note for all of these is now "F23 only". I believe that's incorrect wrt. EPEL.

Also, I just noticed that desktop-file-utils has a file trigger that makes desktop-database updates unnecessary in F-25+ packages (right, that's not in F-24 at least yet), so a note should be added to that section as well.

The pages under Packaging relate to packaging as it exists in Fedora. EPEL has separate packaging guidelines, so if these are removed from the Fedora ones and are useful for EPEL, then they can be moved there. Otherwise we would never be able to remove anything from the guidelines, or even change anything without having to have separate EPEL5, 6, and 7 sections.

I will add a note about the desktop file database. Once I close this ticket, please open another one if you note additional things which have changed.

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