#601 Standard macro for RPM macro directory
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We have this overcomplicated section:


We can add macros to everything now, so why not just define %rpmmacrodir on EL5 through rawhide and change that section to:

=== Packaging of Additional RPM Macros ===

Additional RPM macros must be stored in %{rpmmacrodir}.  They must be named  using the syntax "macros.$PACKAGE" (e.g. macros.perl).

Normally, these files are packaged in the -devel subpackage, since they are usually only needed for building other packages. However, in some situations, this is not always ideal and packagers are encouraged to use their best judgment when determining the proper package for these files. RPM Macro files MUST NOT be marked as %config.

This gets rid of an EPEL difference, an EPEL-specific bit in the guidelines, and that example spec info that's larger than the guideline itself.

We discussed this at this weeks meeting (http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-03-03/fpc.2016-03-03-17.00.txt):

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Well, it's over a year later and while the macro mentioned above did eventually get added, it turns out that upstream RPM added %_rpmmacrodir in 4.14. That means that the %rpmmacrodir I added became pointlessly redundant. Oh well. I went ahead and wrote this up using the official RPM macro.

To make this work on EPEL as well, I've pulled a definition of %_rpmmacrodir into epel-rpm-macros. That still leaves out F26, which I don't think is an issue as this point but I could add it to redhat-rpm-config there if someone complains.

Announcement text:

The section on packaging additional RPM macros has been simplified significantly.

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