#598 introduce pyp2rpm tool on Packaging:Python page
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I propose to extend Packaging:Python wikipage:

  1. Include quick introduction of pyp2rpm tool as the first section on the page.
  2. Mention Python SIG and link it's page from here as well.
  3. A beginner friendly howto with more details could be maintained
    separately linked from (or included in) revamped Python SIG page's
    "Packaging Quickstart" section.
  4. Add a title stating that this page is called "Python Packaging Guidelines"

=== Suggested extension ===

Example of such extension can be found here:


=== Referece ===

See my original post on python-devel list:


=== Reasoning ===

The main gist from the post referenced above follows:

I noticed a problem with pyp2rpm: it's a great tool, but it's
hardly visible and new python packager can easily miss it. The fact that
both Packaging:Python and SIGs/Python wikipages doesn't properly mention
it doesn't really help as well. No fried of mine who recently started
working on packaging his project is aware of this tool and I find out
about it only because I had weird newcomer's kind of questions on this
mailing list and people here were kind enough to point out that I should
check it first.

My current idea how to maintain rpm packages for my own python project
is summed up here:


Note that this is not a suggestion how the better description should
look like. I link it here so that you can point out which part you
disagree with (I'm not even a python sig member after all), so that
we can catch possible disagreements as soon as possible. My suggestions
below assumes that this makes sense. Keep in mind that I have hardly
any real experience with python rpm packaging.

So what exactly I have in mind? Compare this page:




The difference includes:

  • fedora Packaging:Python page is a packaging policy, which doesn't
    mention pyp2rpm at all
  • openSUSE:Packaging_Python page is more like a step by step intro,
    which includes a clean example how to use SUSE's py2pack tool

See also:


which clearly points out to cabal-rpm tool right in the beginning.

Does pyp2rpm produce packages which meet the packaging guidelines? I've never used the tool so I don't know.

In general I would prefer all of the packaging guidelines to be purely packaging policy, and leave tips and tutorials and such to other pages on the wiki. If for no other reason than this maximizes the amount of content which can be maintained by anyone. That being said, I don't think there's any problem with mentioning a tool directly on the guidelines page if it will generate a package which closely follows the guidelines. But the python guidelines have been in flux, and they will hopefully be changing again in the not too distant future, and I don't know how this tool will keep up.

pyp2rpm aims to follow the guidelines.

But I agree it would be nicer to have the how-to page that anyone can contribute to. Than we can link to that page from the guidelines, so people will find that page.

Yes, I agree. That's what I have in mind: just to mention the tool quickly and link to a how-to with more details. See my initial proposal of the changes here:

I'm going to create first version of the howto next week - so that it could be linked properly from this page.

From my personal perspective (I started to learn about python packaging for Fedora about half a year ago), it doesn't really matter that the pyp2rpm tool couldn't keep up during big changes of the guidelines, because the guidelines can't do that either (by definition). A new guy interested in packaging would just need to wait until the situation settles down again.

I've added it to the meeting, but without at least a draft proposal fpc probably won't be able to do much that's useful.

We discussed this at this weeks meeting (http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-02-18/fpc.2016-02-18-17.00.txt):

  • 598 introduce pyp2rpm tool on Packaging:Python page (geppetto,

  • There are references in
    (geppetto, 17:22:12)
  • ACTION: Against the idea of including lots of references to tools in
    the main pages, but maybe a more organizational change would work.
    Also waiting on "TODO-python-packaging-quickstart" page. (geppetto,
  • ACTION: tibbs Tweak page title due to google result (geppetto,

I had to request a change to our mediawiki configuration in order to allow me to use {{DISPLAYTITLE:...}} but that's in place now and I think it's a bit more obvious. The page title and the main heading now say "Fedora Packaging Guidelines for Python" which I hope will alleviate that confusion.

Thank you. Since the other proposals were rejected on fpc meeting (as summed up in a comment 7), there is nothing else to do here and so the ticket can be closed.

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