#573 Clarify 'library bundling' guidelines, part 1: consolidate 'bundling' definition and clarify relationship between Guidelines sections
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Hi, folks. This is the first part of my proposal from devel@ a couple of weeks back to clarify the guidelines relating to library bundling.

For clarity, up front: these changes are '''NOT''' intended to change, in any way, the '''meaning''' of the guidelines as they have been interpreted till now by FPC. They are only meant to clarify that meaning.

For the first step I'm proposing smallish changes to the main Guidelines page and the 'Treatment of Bundled Libraries' page:

These changes achieve a few things:

  • The definition of what constitutes a bundled library is reconciled between the Guidelines and the TOBL page (generally in favour of the latter's more broad definition, as that is the one FPC has been using in practice) and placed entirely in Guidelines (as opposed to being split between the two pages as it was before).
  • TOBL links back to Guidelines to make it clear what their relationship is.
  • The distinction between 'Duplication of system libraries' and 'Bundling of multiple packages' in the Guidelines is made explicit, and the misleading link from BOMP to the library bundling exceptions process is removed.

Comments welcome! Thanks.

for christ's sake, trac, if you say I can use wiki syntax goddamn well let me use wiki syntax.

We discussed this at this weeks meeting (http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2015-10-01/fpc.2015-10-01-16.00.txt):

As FPC is now completely out of the business of dealing with bundling requests, there's not much point in applying this draft. I'll be providing a draft to remove all of the anti-bundling stuff from the guidelines soon.

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