#473 explicit conflicts exception for fedora-productimg-* packages (or other solution?)
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In order to provide different installer graphics and potentially different defaults (filesystem options, for example) for Cloud, Server, and Workstation, we have fedora-productimg-{cloud,server,workstation} packages with the files in the right place for use by Lorax.

By nature, these packages conflict, because Lorax looks in /usr/share/lorax/product, and the different ones need to have different content with the exact same filename (because they needs to override a particular file within Anaconda, differently).

For F21, we listed conflicts explicitly as per the guidelines: cloud conflicts with server and workstation; server conflicts with workstation and cloud; workstation conflicts with cloud and server.

This works fine with three, but doesn't scale. If we want to add a KDE option, or allow spins in general to provide their own, they'll need all of the others to change.

The easiest solution seems to be to allow implicit conflicts to do their work, but if we don't want to do that, I'm open to other approaches.

The big problem here is that yum/dnf can't see file conflicts, with repo. metadata, only rpm can see them (after all packages have been downloaded).

Can you use alternatives?

If you want to continue using conflicts then you can do something like:

Provides: fedora-productimg-lorax-data = %{name}

Conflicts: fedora-productimg-lorax-data != %{name}

But that doesn't work in rpmbuild, for some reason.

Conflicts: fedora-productimg-lorax-data < %{name}
Conflicts: fedora-productimg-lorax-data > %{name}

...which is hacky, but would solve the problem in a generic/scalable way.

The other thing is to fix lorax, so that you can have different named files :).

The packaging committee is still awaiting additional information before it can properly address your request. Please provide that within the next month or this ticket will be closed. (Of course, you can always reopen it if the situation changes) Thanks!

No response; closing. Please feel free to reopen if you have more information to add.

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