#449 Bundle lib exception, json-c on php-pecl-jsonc
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by remi.

php-pecl-jsonc is designed to be a dropin alternative to ext/json non free extension provided by PHP.

For now it is provided with a bundled copy of jsonc-c 0.11 library, but can use system one at build time.

For your information, I have work a lot with jsonc-c upstream to reduce difference with ext/json, dynamic depth for parser, strict mode, various check...

Despite, there is still a few minor difference which make "some" users unhappy.

Recent update to 0.12 in fedora 21 / rawhide introduce some new unwanted behaviors changes (various failed test)s. Those are going to make more users unhappy.

Upstream goal for pecl/jsonc is to:
- drop bundled lib json-c
- fork json-c parser (only the parser, not the encode, nor the tools)
- switch to php memory management (perf)
- switch to generate PHP objects (instead of internal structs, which have to be reparsed and copied to PHP object, causing bad performance)
- fix differences with ext/json, allowed by previous as this requires some check on "input" which is lost when using the library parser

RPM plan
- switch to bundled json-c 0.11 in php-pecl-jsonc (for f21+)
- update to new pecl/jsonc version as soon at available (probably f22+)

Of course another solution is to revert to 0.11 in f21 and differ use of bunled fork library in f22 (when ready upstream)

Granted during FPC meeting.

  • 449 Bundle lib exception, json-c on php-pecl-jsonc

  • LINK: https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/449
  • php-pecl-jsonc granted a temporary exception to bundle libjson-c for F21. Will fork the code for f22 and beyond.

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