#446 Per-product Configuration Draft
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by sgallagh.

== Wiki Draft ==


== Goal ==
Establish a mechanism by which we can deliver different default
configuration sets depending on which Product (or lack thereof) a user
has installed.

== Contributing Factors ==
* Both yum and DNF have issues with handling Conflicts: at the
appropriate phase of dependency-checking. As a result, we need to have
a strict Requires: system-release-[standard|$PRODUCT] on the
foo-config-* sub-packages to ensure that we don't ever try to pull in
a Product-specific system-release package.
* This design is heavily-dependent on deep knowledge of the
depsolving mechanisms used by yum and DNF.
* This design is a temporary measure and will be better and more
cleanly handled by the advanced dependency methods planned for future
(F23?) versions of RPM and DNF.

I'm asking the FPC to review and comment on this draft, ideally with a
quick turnaround (as it will have direct influence on the Alpha
deliverables). I've discussed it at length with Toshio when I was
drawing it up; it should only have minor modifications to it after
also discussing it with the yum and dnf developers.

Per-product config draft approved (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0)

Added to the guidelines:

And linked from the main page:

Announcement text:

Fedora.next Products may need to configure some packages differently from each other (for instance, firewall rules). There are now guidelines for how to achieve this using RPM subpackages that will be pulled in on the specific product on which they are needed.



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