#408 Temporary jquery bundling exception for libserialport
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by mrnuke.

libserialport includes doxygen-generated documentation, which bundles its own version of jquery. Since jquery is not availabe as a package yet, there is no way to unbundle it.

The plan is to wait for a jquery package to become available in fedora, and for FPC to publish guidelines on how to handle jquery in doxygen documentation, at which point, the libserialport package will be updated to unbundle jquery.

Proposal: Temporary bundling exception for anything to bundle jquery until the systemwide jquery feature is ready -- jamielinux and patches will keep everyone informed about its status

Current count:
+1 geppetto abadger1999 tibbs
* Need votes from spot, racor, Rathann, SmootherFr0gZ, limburgher, RemiFedora

oops, sorry, jamielinux, patches - I meant to cc you on this last week but must have dropped the ball.

we're at +5 now, so I'll give Jamielinux and patches a little bit to tell us if they have objections to this strategy and then Mark it approved.

No objections to continued bundling for documentation frameworks at this time. We really should fix all those together.

Web applications probably shouldn't bother at this point, though. We'll have a jquery package in very soon now. :-)

I agree with patches. No objections.

We should hopefully have jquery package available within weeks, not months. Most dependencies are now packaged, with only a handful left awaiting review. Progress [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/jQuery#js-jquery.2A_BuildRequires here].

Added to the No Bundled libraries page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:No_Bundled_Libraries#Packages_granted_temporary_exceptions

Announcement text:


A temporary exception for anything bundling jquery has been added. jamielinux and patches are in the middle of working on a Fedora Change to unbundle jquery from all packages. Until this is done, there's no need to unbundle jquery. Packagers are highly encouraged to use the virtual Provide: Provides: bundled(jquery) = VERSION to aid the change owners in identifying what packages will need assistance to unbundle once the Fedora Change is ready to implement.


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