#402 Promote /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d over /etc/rpm
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/usr/lib/rpm/macros.d is a better location for macros files as they are not really user editable configuration data (see #259). Thus I suggest the first sentence of the related chapter referenced above to be rewritten as:

Additional RPM macros must be stored under the %{_rpmconfigdir}/macros.d directory (%{_sysconfdir}/rpm is also permitted if the specfile targets EL < 7), [...]

...and if you like, a backwards compatibility recipe could be included as well, such as the one in https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2014-January/195026.html

Promote /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d over /etc/rpm Passed (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0)

We're pretty flexible about whether to include the EPEL < 7 information in the main guidelines or putting them in the EPEL Guidelines and pointing to them.

At some point in the future I can work on the exact wording or you can. If anyone notices places in the current guidelines that mention %{_sysconfdir}/rpm we can also update those places. (I'm aware of the SCL Draft and will fix that up.)

Written into the guidelines here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Guidelines#Packaging_of_Additional_RPM_Macros using pretty much your wording. I must have been temporarily blind when I thought this would need some extra work to write up. Apologies.

Announcement text:


The section of guidelines on packaging additional rpm macros has been amended to say that macros must be stored under %{_rpmconfigdir}/macros.d on Fedora and EPEL7+ as the rpm on all of these systems will search that path. A recipe for spec files that also need to be used on EPEL5 & 6 is included. See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Guidelines#Packaging_of_Additional_RPM_Macros for details.


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