#4 Should pkgconfig be added in buildroot?
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This is reference to http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/packaging/2010-June/007188.html, What I want to know why not include pkgconfig in minimal buildroot if its getting always pulled by rpm-build?

And also why guidelines statement is ambiguous then "There is no need to include the following packages or their dependencies as BuildRequires because they would occur too often."

I don't want to make any assumptions while reviewing. So either change above statement in guidelines or add exception (sample cases where pkgconfig is needed as BuildRequires: even if its already in build environment)

If you want to add pkgconfig explicitly to the minimal buildroot, open a ticket for fesco to discuss it and approve it. Then they can releng add pkgdconfig to the buildroot.

As for the guidelines statement we leave that up to the package maintainers judgement. The reasons for not listing packages in the minimal buildroot and their dependencies are that they are already going to be pulled in and so it just adds clutter to the spec file to put them in. Extra text makes it harder to audit the spec for more important problems.

The reasons for listing those packages is that the minimal buildroot or the dependency chain from the packages in the minimal buildroot can change. If the change removes the package you are needing, then the package will fail to build. However, it will be obvious that you need to do something to fix the situation and chances are that it will be mentioned on the devel list fairly quickly.

So FPC has left this to maintainer discretion in the past. If you'd like us to reconfirm that thought, please go ahead and add the meeting keyword. Otherwise, please close this ticket.

This ticket can be processed independently of whether you ask fesco to add pkgconfig to the minimal buildroot.

Thanks for explanation.

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