#376 Make a clarification about the use of %{__python2} in epel, in the guidelines.
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In epel the macro %{__python2} doesn't have any valid value, our guidelines suggest using %{__python2} instead of %{__python}, but this only applies in Fedora versions.

Because that, I think that must we do a clarification in guidelines in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Python#Macros, (to continue using %{__python} macro in epel branches) or implement %{__python2} macro in epel.

i think that this can be a workaround

{{{ %{!?__python2: %global __python2 %{__python}} }}}

info Proposal to add information on macros for epel5 to the python guidelines page approved (+:5, 0:0, -1:0)

Announcement text:


As part of the ongoing effort to update the guidelines for an eventual change from python2 to python3 as the default python we're promoting use of %{__python2}, %{python2_sitelib}, and %{python2_sitearch} instead of the unversioned %{__python}, %{python_sitelib}, and %{python_sitearch} macros. These macros are not available for EPEL5 and EPEL6. We've updated the Python Guidelines to mention conditionally defining those macros for EPEL5 and EPEL6 builds.


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