#353 Update autodep filter guidelines to mention changes to rpm in F20+
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by toshio.

rpm in Fedora 20 has a change to the autodep generator:

Instead of vain heuristics on DT_SONAME presence, filter out irregular sonames from all dependencies: linkable library names generally must contain ".so" and start with "lib" for the linker to find it at all, anything else is an exception of one kind or another (the prime exception of ld.so variants we handle here). This weeds out provides for most dlopen()'ed modules etc, and filtering both provides and requires by the same rules means we wont generate requires for things that wont be provided.

This makes many of the guidelines to filter out extension modules obsolete. We need to go through the guidelines and make note that filtering doesn't need to be done on F20+.

(perl_default_filter, python_default_filter, etc)

Adding to meeting as remi|Fedora thought there might be value in still using the default filter macros just with a reduced scope.

Check that it works.

Test with perl-encode, without the %{?perl_default_filter}

$ rpmdiff /tmp/perl-Encode-2.55-1.fc19.x86_64.rpm /tmp/perl-Encode-2.55-1.fc21.x86_64.rpm
removed PROVIDES Byte.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES CN.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES EBCDIC.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES Encode.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES JP.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES KR.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES Symbol.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES TW.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES Unicode.so()(64bit)
removed PROVIDES perl-Encode(x86-64) = 1:2.55-1.fc19

So: new autodep generator works as described, so %perl_default_filter can be simplify, removing the line:

%global __provides_exclude_from %{perl_vendorarch}/auto/.\\.so$|%{perl_archlib}/.\\.so$|%{_docdir}

  • perl-macros => /etc/rpm/macros.perl => %perl_default_filter
  • ruby-devel => /etc/rpm/macros.ruby => %ruby_default_filter
  • rubygems-devel => /etc/rpm/macros.rubygems => %rubygems_default_filter

CC'ing panu so he knows we're talking about this and can give input if he sees we're making any wrong assumptions.

at today's meeting, this passed (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0) (Including limb's vote)

Remi will write this into the guidelines.

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