#349 bundling exception for LINPACK && DQRDC2
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by besser82.

LINPACK is a +30 yrs. old pice of code, which has no release tarball nor any instructions how to build a lib from it. There is no Makefile or other build-sys aside it. It is just a bunch of FORTRAN-code [http://www.netlib.org/linpack/ hosted on netlib.org]. There are some applications from Science or Machine Learning domain which bundle a more or less modified version of it. Those apps are [http://www.r-project.org/ R], [http://orange.biolab.si/ Biolab's Orange] and [http://scikit-learn.org/ sci-kit learn] just to name a prominent few.

DQRCD2 is a derived subroutine, which is part of R's heavily modified LINPACK-subset. In fact some software bundles that with an unmodified (subset-)version of LINPACK. The DQRCD2-subroutine is a derivative work from LINPACK's DQRDC-subroutine. The proble with this is, you simply can't link against libR to get DQRDC2, because it exposes some LINPACK-symbols, which are not compatible with the original LINPACK and may cause severe trouble. DQRDC2 has been modified ~15 yrs ago.

I had a longer conversation with Remi about it and we came to the conclusion the best way would be to ask for a bundling exception for LINPACK and DQRDC2.

LINPACK && DQRDC2 are copylibs, exception approved (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0)

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