#343 copylib bundling exception for qtbrowserplugin in x2goclient
Closed: Invalid None Opened 9 years ago by orion.

x2goclient contains the qtbrowserplugin code. Current source for that code appears to be here: qt.gitorious.org/qt-solutions/qt-solutions/

There appears to be no upstream provided way to build the code as a library. There docs indicate that the standard way to use it is to include the source directly in the application.

So I'd like to request that qtbrowserplugin be made a standard copylib exception.

Also - I did try hacking together a library out of qtbrowserplugin by hand and linking to it. But then I get unresolved symbol errors for qtns_instantiate(). That seems to only get defined if you use the code in a certain way, which x2goclient is not. So I really think this just won't work outside of the code.

Oh, and there is not current Fedora package.

Note -- this is part of the X2Go Fedora Change so we should probably review this sooner rather than later.

We discussed this at today's fpc meeting. The tentative conclusion is that orionp will try building qtbrowserplugin as a static library using CONFIG+=staticlib and linking x2goclient against that. If that works we won't need a bundled library exception.

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