#340 Bundling exception for nodeunit
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Review request:[[BR]]

nodeunit is used in unit tests for Node.js packages. It forks Node.js's assert.js with the primary reason being: "with some small changes for browser-compatibility".

This ticket is similar to three other previous tickets. All three are packages used in unit tests:[[BR]]
https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/264 [[BR]]
https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/272 [[BR]]

However, in contrast to the previous tickets, nodeunit actually forks the whole assert.js file rather than just borrowing and modifying a small portion of code.

Original Node.js version:[[BR]]

Modified nodeunit version:[[BR]]

diff assert.js.orig assert.js:[[BR]]

The diff does have a lot of seemingly insignificant changes, but some routines have been removed, while new routines and functions have been added so that assert.js works when nodeunit is run in the browser. The changes won't make it upstream, and on the other hand nodeunit will not function as expected if using the upstream assert.js instead.

Therefore I'd like to request a bundling exception for nodeunit.

Would it make sense to make this a fork since it adds browser compat (either upstream or as a fedora subpackage)? It seems like that functionality would be generally useful.

Browser compatibility is the purpose of nodeunit's forked assert.js. However, nodeunit does not provide browser compatibility out of the box. I have decided instead to remove assert.js from the package. There is no loss in the primary functionality of this software.

This bug can be closed. Sorry for the noise.

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