#316 Allow conflicts when packages are split
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by till.

There was a comment about a situation where Conflicts could be avoided. I updated the draft in place to mention that situation and we voted on it. We lacked quorum so we'll need additional votes in ticket. So far, we have:

tibbs, RemiFedora, limburgher, toshio: +1

We need one more +1 from racor, geppetto, Rathan, SmootherFr0gZ, or spot to pass this.

Added to guidelines. Announcement text:

Added an additional allowed use of Conflicts to the packaging guidelines on Conflicts. This usage is for a package which is split into multiple packages with files that may conflict with files in the older version of the base package. See the Conflicts Guidelines if you think you may be able to make use of this:


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