#273 Bundling exception for libevent in openmpi
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openmpi bundles libevent, and apparently has done so since openmpi 1.0. It is pretty tightly integrated into openmpi, and is kept up to date (in fact currently it is ahead of Fedora). I brought it up with upstream, thread starts here:


and was pointed to this for reasoning:


Some salient points:
- OMPI is fairly tied to the specific version of libevent that is bundled, and would likely take quite a bit of effort to use the system version.
- It is modified slightly to add additional tests
- It is compiled without thread support for performance reasons, the Fedora package is compiled with it.
- Upstream is exploring the possibility of linking to an external libevent and is open to the idea if it seems appropriate.

Looks like upstream is moving towards being able to use an external libevent, so this may be resolved that way eventually.

Is there still anything to do here? I'll move it to meeting but Orion's on FPC now so he can close it if necessary.

Yeah, this is not needed anymore.

Metadata Update from @orion:
- Issue assigned to tibbs

2 years ago

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