#272 Bundling exception for nodejs-vows
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by jamielinux.

This ticket is similar to a ticket of mine that was recently approved (for nodejs-should): https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/264

nodejs-vows is commonly used in unit tests for Node.js modules:

Similar to nodejs-should, it has adapted code from Node.js's assert module (which is part of Node.js itself), specifically the _deepEqual routine (only around 100 lines from assert.js). It is slightly different from the versions in Node.js, nodejs-should and nodejs-deep-equal. This is less than ideal, but these code fragments are so small that I'm not personally concerned. The arguments mentioned in the previous ticket also apply here, and again it's not really plausible to unbundle.

Furthermore, error.js (~100 lines) adapts two functions from mocha, though they are significantly edited. These functions no longer have the same functionality as the original. Again, these are code fragments that are pretty insignificant (you'd barely be able to call it a fork), but also not really practical to unbundle.

I would therefore like to request a bundling exception for nodejs-vows and would appreciate any advice.

One final point. I don't think the following issue requires a bundling exception, but I'll mention anyway. report-html.js (~100 lines) is code that generates a html file. The header indicates that it is adapted from mocha and has a copy of the license text. However, the only similarity I can find with the original mocha code is that the format of the html file generated by report-html.js is taken from a template provided by mocha.

Exception granted (+1:5, 0:0, -1:0)

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