#236 ownCloud server - exceptions for bundled libraries
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I'm currently working on ownCloud for Fedora: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=858841

In the folder 3rdparty we have 6 bundled libraries left, including 3 php libs and 3 JavaScript libs.

smb4php (single php class, newest release, 5 years old)
php-when (single php class, latest commit 2 years ago, probably dead)
phpass (2 files, project doesn't look too active, latest commit 20 months ago)

it seems pointless to re-package those old and abandoned php classes.

chosen, fullcalender and timepicker

I hope that I can use the copylib exception for the js-libs. In any way I don't think you are supposed to unbundle them. Note that this is client-only code, they don't run on the server.

the php files should be unbundled. being old dosen't have any bearing by itself. (If they also had local modifications it might be a different answer).

Currently javascript libraries that only run on the client are not covered by the policy. this could change in the future but no-one has had the will to finish a draft guideline to cover that.

php-when and phpass are unmodified, but smb4php differs quite a lot.

You can see the corresponding commits here: https://github.com/owncloud/3rdparty/commits/247f670a052cad4779ba3dd377756e735af4300d/smb4php/smb.php

Do you need additional information?

Somehow this never made it back to the committee. Is this still relevant? We do have some javascript guidelines now and those are going to need to be unbundled as well in most circumstances.

The packaging committee is still awaiting additional information before it can properly address your request. Please provide that within the next month or this ticket will be closed. (Of course, you can always reopen it if the situation changes) Thanks!

No response; closing. Feel free to reopen if you have more information to add.

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