#231 Requesting exception for libuv to bundle libev
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by sgallagh.

The upstream project libuv (a core dependency of Node.JS) currently bundles a heavily-modified version of the libev event loop library. Their bundled copy is a true fork (it has broken binary compatibility and is tightly integrated with their development). They have approached upstream to include their changes, but upstream has been hostile, thus libuv has opted to maintain their own fork of the project.

Upstream is currently investigating ways to either eliminate their requirement on libev (and their significant modifications) or else to release their forked libev under a new name. I am working closely with upstream to make this happen. However, it is likely to take months to accomplish, and in the interim I would like permission to carry "bundles(libev)" when packaging libuv.

FPC voted that it would be Okay to bundle through F20. Must unbundle when F21 branches (so that F21 release has the unbundled copy).

(+1: 6, 0: 0, -1: 1)

Please add "Provides: bundled(libev)" to the spec file. I'll add that virtual provide to the no bundled libraries exception page.


libuv was granted permission to bundle libev until F21 branches. This is gives the packager time to complete his work with upstream to unbundle multiple pieces of code.

This has now been unbundled from libuv. I am currently building the unbundled version in Rawhide and backporting it to supported branches. Please feel free to remove this from the exception list at this time.

Removed. Thanks for the hard work!

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