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Perl SIG updated guidelines few months ago https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDraft:Perl
and it includes also filtering, which you accept on last meeting

Could you accept this whole draft for Perl?

I thought (and not only me) you are reviewing guidelines from list there https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/GuidelinesTodo Is this wiki used or not? Some data looks old.

With some changes (already merged into the draft), this was approved. I'm taking this and writing it up.

Updated. Release announcement:

The perl guidelines have been updated with additional examples and clarifications. Specifically, the Directory ownership, requires and provides, and testing sections have seen wording changes:


I have few nitpicks.

Filtering Requires: and Provides
The semicolon should be moved and there are two paragraphs which mentioned almost the same things with same link marked as different (link).

Conditionally enabling/=disabling tests =
has probably wrong formatting on wiki.

Could you fix problems mentioned in previous comment?

Removed the confusing semicolon from the Filtering Requires and Provides section.
Fixed formatting on Conditionally enabling/disabling tests section.

Metadata Update from @mmaslano:
- Issue assigned to toshio

4 years ago

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