#154 Ada guidelines changes
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I would like to propose some changes to the Ada packaging guidelines:


The following is a brief summary of the changes. See the wiki page for the full proposal.

  • There is currently a rule that a -devel package must not contain all the source files of the library. I think this rule should be removed, because it causes a lot of work for very little benefit.

  • The macro GNAT_optflags has been replaced with Gnatmake_optflags and GPRbuild_optflags, and the guidelines need to be updated to reflect this. The guidelines should also mention that some other macros might need to be used if the underlying GNAT tools are invoked directly.

  • The macro GNAT_arches shall be used when there is a need to prevent attempts to build an Ada package on some secondary architectures.

  • The value of _GNAT_project_dir has been changed to "/usr/share/gpr".

  • The guidelines page should be moved from the Packaging guidelines drafts category to the Packaging guidelines category.

action draft approved (+1:6, 0:0, -1:0)

The Ada Packaging Guidelines were updated for new rules on packaging source files and updated macros.


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