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Fedora 17 comes with PHP 5.4

This includes ZTS stuff and some new macros

Here is the change proposal to PHP Guidelines

Remi, I think you will need to add some explanation of ZTS and provide some feedback on how packagers can determine when they should be using these new macros. Also, the general preference was to use some sort of naming scheme for the ZTS binaries (e.g. /usr/bin/phpfoo-zts & /usr/bin/phpbar-zts) as opposed to creating a subdirectory in /usr/bin, which seems to be a grey area in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS 2.3).

PHP 5.4.0-0.2.RC6 in rawhide now provides
* /usr/bin/php-config-zts

I also update to draft to add more information on what is ZTS.

Sorry, I just have change to
* /usr/bin/zts-php-config

prefix make bash completion better, I think, (and upgrade from a folder to a file cause some issue)

What was the issue with upgrade?

Just that the /usr/bin/php-zts folder couldn't be replaced a binary, so I prefer to use zts-php

PHP draft approved (+1:7, 0:0, -1:1) (This was done at the Feb 1, 2012 meeting, I just forgot to amend the ticket here).

Announce Text:

A new section has been added to the PHP Guidelines, documenting the PHP ZTS extension.


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