#133 Bundle Library Exception for iText in pdftk

Created 5 years ago by s4504kr
Modified 7 months ago

Regarding to BZ #781743 I want to request an exception to bundle the iText library into pdftk. this excpetion should be apply to F-17 and follwoing and for EL-6.

The main issue for F-17 is the changes in the openjdk/gcj enviroument which breaks the way how we have build pdftk agains the system iText library.

For EL-6 I have a request for inclussion of pdftk which I can't workout because iText has dependencies to packages wihich has an BR to the maven build system infrastructure, which is not available on EL-6.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt

Can you point to the changes in OpenJDK & GCJ that you mention?

Looks like some vague references are already in

I'd suggest you both follow-up there, and come back here if the consensus is still to move forward on requesting a bundling exception.

I can give you


as a reference bug, which was open to the openjdk/gcj issue.

it's seems the the aot-compile feature will not been supported in the releases of openjdk/gcj which should been released with f17.

UNfortunately, I'm not a gcj/java specialist.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt

We have been able to handle this without using the bundled copy of itext. So, until the next time, adios!

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