#120 Bundled Library Tracking: libreplace in samba-derived libraries
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by sgallagh.

This probably qualifies under the copylib exception, but I discovered today that all of the samba-derived libraries (libtalloc, libtdb, libtevent and libldb for certain) carry a statically-linked copy of upstream's libreplace.

libreplace is the Samba project's equivalent to gnulib, providing private copies of functions that are not available on all architectures.

I want to make sure the FPC is aware of this issue and I will then proceed to rebuild these libraries with the appropriate Provides: bundled(libreplace)

If it's the Samba project providing he library that's being bundled for use in its own applications, it sounds like it fits under the same conditions as we made for the libraries bundled into sourceware.org products. I could +1 this with the same type of conditions and the same rationale.

Exception approved for libreplace on the same grounds as the sourceware exception. (+1:7, 0:0, -1:0)

Announce Text:

A bundling exception has been granted for libreplace, but only if the package in question shares the same upstream as samba. This is because the libreplace library is developed by the application authors as common functionality shared between several applications. Being developers of both, they'll be intimately aware of both issues that arise in the libraries and know how to port to newer versions of the library as needed.

Samba packages which bundle libreplace must include Provides: bundled(libreplace), until the bundling issue is resolved (if ever).


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