#119 Bundling Exception Request: LDB 1.1.3 bundles libtdb_compat and libccan
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The current upstream release of libldb (necessary for building newer snapshots of samba4 and openchange) carries two bundled libraries with it: libtdb_compat and libccan.

The reason for libtdb_compat is to provide a compatibility module for use with libtdb 1.x, which is carried in Fedora. libtdb 2.x has not yet been released upstream (but is also built from the samba sources). I have spoken with upstream about this, and once libtdb 2.x is available upstream, libtdb_compat will be built from those sources and the bundling will be removed from libldb.

I do not want to build libtdb_compat as a shared library from the libldb sources because 1) the API/ABI is still in flux upstream and 2) it may end up that other samba4-derived packages may also need to bundle it at a different snapshot.

libccan is a set of utility libraries being written in parallel with (and as a dependency for) libtdb2 upstream. It will see an upstream release at the same time that libtdb 2.x does.

The samba build system provides an easy mechanism in the configure script to statically link these two libraries for the time being.

Temporary bundling exception for libtdb_compat and libccan (for samba4 packages only) given until F18 GA or libtdb 2.x releases and the exception is no longer necessary, whichever comes first.
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Announce text:

A temporary bundling exception has been granted for libtdb_compat and libccan, but only for samba4 packages. This exception will last until F18 GA, or libtdb 2.x releases, whichever comes first.

Samba4 packages which bundle libtdb_compat or libccan must include Provides: bundled(libtdb_compat) or Provides: bundled(libccan), until the bundling issue(s) are resolved.

For the record, both of these bundles are currently removed from libldb, as the move to libtdb2 was deferred indefinitely and libldb reverted to using libtdb.

Thanks sgallagh! I'll update the Bundled library page to say those exceptions no longer exist.

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