#1020 Review exception for alternatively named EPEL packages
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There is currently a review exception for packages "being created so that multiple versions of the same package can coexist in the distribution". I would like to add a variation of this as something that is explicitly allowed. There are situations where an EPEL packager must request a new package that is just an alternatively named version of the Fedora package. The alternative name is required by EPEL policy to not conflict with the RHEL SRPM name.

One reason why an EPEL packager may need to do this is if a subpackage of a Fedora spec file is not part of the equivalent RHEL spec file. The EPEL packager may request the exact subpackage name, such as when adding python3-* packages to EPEL7 (or python2-* packages to EPEL8). Requiring a new review for this is unnecessary when the new spec file is just a direct subset of the Fedora spec file (with a different name).

This would also be useful for when an EPEL packager wishes to ship a subpackage that is part of a RHEL spec file but is not shipped in RHEL. This is common in RHEL with *-devel packages. There is now a process to request unshipped packages in RHEL, but any package that RHEL decides to continue not shipping should be eligible to add to EPEL without a review.

+1 in principle but of course it would be nice to see a PR.

We talked about this is this weeks meeting (https://meetbot-raw.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2020-10-08/fpc.2020-10-08-16.00.txt):

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  • LINK: https://pagure.io/packaging-committee/issue/1020
    (carlwgeorge, 16:08:39)
  • ACTION: Review exception for alternatively named EPEL packages
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  • ACTION: carlwgeorge Will create wording PR for 1020 (geppetto,

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