#77 Sponsor request: codeblock
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+1 here. ;) He is good at explaining things and has a good grasp of processes and procedures.

Ricky is very communicative and eager to explain things understandable. He practices a lot of patience and asks at the right places when he is not sure.

I just had a very enlightening conversation with him in which he told me about his motivations becoming a packager-sponsor; he is already very involved in the infrastructure team of Fedora, since mid 2010, and now wants to help at the packager's front, too. Since Feb 2012 he's an intern at Red Hat on the Fedora Engineering team as well.

These things make a good sponsor and therefore

+1 from me

+1 from me. Ricky is very knowledgeable and if he doesn't know something, he will find the answer. I believe he would be a very good sponsor.

Sorry for the delay here.

I have upgraded you in the account system.

Use your powers for good! :)

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