#401 application for becoming a "sponsor"
Closed: accepted 2 years ago by kevin. Opened 2 years ago by decathorpe.

I'd like to apply for becoming a packager sponsor, since @churchyard has encouraged me to do so. There's at least one prospective packager (astra) waiting for a sponsor, and I'd be willing to work on his first package with him (review request).

I fit all criteria outlined in the requirements for becoming a sponsor:

  • I "own" / maintain 300+ packages,
  • have finished at least 26 package reviews, in addition to some informal reviews and drive-by comments on other review requests with my FPC hat on, and
  • I've been a member of the "packager" group since December 2016 / fedora ~25.

This got stalled, but after a week+, you got:


So this should be approved. I don't have the necessary right to make @decathorpe a sponsor. @kevn, could you please do it?

Metadata Update from @churchyard:
- Issue assigned to kevin
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2 years ago

I've upgraded you to sponsor. Use your powers wisely.


Metadata Update from @kevin:
- Issue close_status updated to: accepted
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 years ago

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