#380 Looking for a sponsor
Closed: accepted 5 months ago by kevin. Opened 10 months ago by lenkaseg.

My first fedora package was approved. I'm looking for a packaging sponsor.
The package is called cranc, it's a Pagure cli tool. I am an upstream author of the package.

The review in bugzilla is here:

Done, you can resubmit the SCM request.

(Can somebody please close this one?)

Why can't we as sponsors close the bugs? Shouldn't all packager sponsors have bug admin permissions in this project?

pagure.io has it's own groups, it doesn't sync groups from fas. If it was possible to have all packager sponsors with admin perms here I would be happy to do that.

Since it's not, I have just been adding sponsors that are active here. I've added everyone active in this ticket, if anyone else would like to be added feel free to ping me or anyone who has already been added.

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5 months ago

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