#24 implement support for ns_add_io_timeout_job for all event backends
Opened 7 years ago by rmeggins. Modified 7 years ago

copied from https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/48113

For example, tevent does not support timed io events like libevent. Not sure about libev or other event backends.

ns_job_t already has pointers to multiple event fw events:
ns_event_fw_fd_t ns_event_fw_fd; / event framework fd event object /
ns_event_fw_time; / event framework timer event object /
ns_event_fw_sig_t ns_event_fw_sig; / event framework signal event object */
ns_add_io_timeout_job could allocate ns_event_fw_fd and ns_event_fw_time, then the event_cb could determine which one of these should be used, and set the job output_type for the actual job callback.

Or, we could push this functionality into ns_event_fw.h - have new ns_event_fw_t functions for ns_event_fw_add_io_timer, ns_event_fw_modify_io_timer, and ns_event_fw_io_timer_event_done

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