#311 Move neuroscience planets to NeuroFedora
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by ankursinha. Opened 3 years ago by ankursinha.

Move neuroscience planet aggregators to NeuroFedora

Currently, the two planets are hosted at my github space. So, their URLs use my hostname:

I think it'll be much nicer if we moved them to the NeuroFedora github organization. Then, their URLs would be of the form https://neuroblog.fedoraproject.org/...

No other work needs to be done---the repository needs to be moved using the Github settings. I have a cronjob that runs venus a few times a day, so that will just keep running

The move isn't such a problem---setting up redirects is. I've got to check if this pelican plugin would do the trick:


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3 years ago

Set them up now, will get rid of my personal instances at the end of the month:

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3 years ago

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