*** Multiboot Media Creator ***
*** Copyright 2011, 2012 Tom Callaway <> ***

== What is it? ==
* It is a tool that generates a Multiboot ISO image from a set of ISO images,
with pretty menus. 
* It has support for isolinux (default) and grub. 
* It is written in Python.
* It supports multiarch for x86_64/i686. This means that if you pass two ISOs 
with the same naming model for both x86_64 and i[3456]86, the tool will write
an entry that uses isolinux's ability to check the system cpu and boot the 
appropriate item.
* It supports both Live and Non-Live (Installation ISO) Images.
* It was generated for Fedora, and has hardcoded filename assumptions. 
(Non Fedora Non-Live support will need some code changes.)
* It has some support for EFI boot

== How do I use it ? ==
Here is a sample invocation:

sudo ./ --isos Fedora-15-Beta-*-Live-*.iso -v \
--clean --bootdefault Fedora-15-Beta-i686-Live-Desktop.iso \
--target Fedora-15-Beta-Multi-Boot.iso --targetname Fedora-15-Beta-Multi-Boot

Please note, this is a single line command, I've just split it up to make this 
README more friendly. If you run --help, it will show
all the valid options. I strongly recommend running with -v.

== TODO List ==
* Clean up code to minimize duplication and confusion.
* Add size check and print warning if ISO is bigger than max size for DVD-DL