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Cloud and container utilities
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Cloud Native Utilities

This repository contains the specfiles used in generating the RPMs available on the mroche/cloud-native-utilities COPR.

These packages do not follow standard Fedora packaging guidelines, opting to vendor dependencies (bundled) rather than have those dependencies available as individual RPMs. There are just far too many for me to personally keep track of. All of these are referenced as Provides in the RPM through the packages' respective files. These are generated by the generate_bundled_deps Python script after running go mod vendor in the extracted source tarball. The vendor directory is then packaged up as a separate tarball to keep the source tarball clean from a hash perspective. The overall process goes as follows:

$ tar xf source_tarball
$ cd source_dir
$ go mod vendor
$ ../generate_bundled_deps package_version source_dir > ../
$ cd ..
$ tar czf %{name}-%{version}-versioned-deps.tar.gz source_dir/vendor

The currently provided tools are:

  • Hashicorp Terraform
  • Hashicorp Packer
  • Helm
  • Buildpack CLI
  • Tekton CLI
  • Knative CLI
  • CLI