#57 RFE: allow specyfing build and srpm-build groups
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Modules are built in buildroots defined by package sets from build and srpm-build groups. Currently build groups are based on default Fedora groups. But for some modules it may be beneficial to allow specifying different, smaller build groups. Smaller buildroots mean not only faster builds and reduced Koji load, but also fewer rebuilds after dependency changes (eg. in Freshmaker).

For example maven module can be successfully built with following minimal build groups, significantly smaller than default ones. Since 99 % packages in the module are purely noarch, having GCC et al. in buildroot makes little sense.

  • rpm-build
  • redhat-rpm-config
  • shadow-utils (needed by mock to create user inside chroot)
  • module-build-macros
  • fedpkg-minimal (needed only in srpm-build)

Hm, @mizdebsk have you seen how the MBS uses the buildroot and srpm-buildroot profiles from the modulemd to construct the build and srpm-build groups today?

What Ralph says. Modules (including platform) may define buildroot and srpm-buildroot profiles MBS then uses to install the default set into the respective buildroot when those modules are pulled in as a build dependency.

This is not exactly what you're asking for -- if I understand it correctly, you would like to define your own buildroot regardless of what modules you depend on define. I don't think that's the right approach -- we should pursue minimizing the default buildroot to be really minimal instead. And I believe we're on track there, with the recent changes in Fedora.

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